How Openness can Change Scientific Practice

How Openness can Change Scientific Practice

Robert Viseur, Nicolas Devos. How Openness can change Scientific Practice, ERCIM News - Special theme : Scientific Data Sharing and Re-use, p.37, January 2015.

Date: 6 janvier 2015

Publication: Publications scientifiques 

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The term ‘open data’ refers to “information that has been made technically and legally available for reuse”. Open data is currently a hot topic for a number of reasons, namely : the scientific community is moving towards reproducible research and sharing of experimental data ; the enthusiasm, especially within the scientific community, for the semantic web and linked data ; the publication of datasets in the public sector (e.g., geographical information) ; and the emergence of online communities (e.g., OpenStreetMap). The open data movement engages the public sector, as well as business and academia. The motivation for opening data, however, varies among interest groups.

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