Buildwise supports the construction sector in its technological, economic and societal evolution through collaborative research and innovation. It carries out research for the benefit of its members and provides them with information, assistance and technical advice.

Activities: Research 

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This decree-law, named after the former Minister of Economic Affairs, was specifically designed to promote applied research in the construction industry in order to make it more competitive. In application of this decree-law, Buildwise is mainly funded by the fees of it national members, the more than 90,000 Belgian construction companies representing all the industry's professions (general contractors, carpenters, glaziers, plumbers, roofers, floorers, plasterers, painters, heating and ventilation engineers, etc.), most of which are SMEs.

Knowledge & Skills

Buildwise's "Indoor Climate, Equipment, and Energy Performance" and "Energy" divisions work on the energy consumption of buildings, with five labs and 29 employees with extensive expertise in technical installations (including energy performance and monitoring) and the energy characterization of buildings.

These divisions are involved in projects that measure the energy consumption of buildings and technical installations:

Photovoltaic and thermal installations:

Buildwise is active in the field of photovoltaic and thermal installations on the following points:

Buildwise therefore has a non-negligible experience in areas related to quality roof installation. This topic is often underestimated or neglected, compared to electrical aspects of an installation. Nevertheless, the quality of the implementation is essential to ensure the sustainability of the system (as a whole, not only at generating electricity elevel) and accessibility to an existing roof, for inspection or service , requires specific skills.