BEinGRID Industry Days

BEinGRID Industry Days

BEinGRID Is Demonstrating Grid for Business

This major event took place June 3-5, 2008 in Barcelona, Spain and was co-located with OGF23 and OGF-Europe. It was addressed to Grid experts and those interested in learning how Grid is THE solution for their business.

Date: 3 June 2008

Event: CETIC event 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

About project: BEinGRID 

The BEinGRID Industry Days demonstrated real-world applications of Grid in a wide range of sectors including finance, supply chain management, media, leisure and environmental sciences, among others. These practical examples were complemented by internationally recognized experts in Grid with a clear business approach.

Specific sectors were highlighted, showcasing Grid solutions through demos of successful BEinGRID Business Experiments, guest-speakers keynotes, success stories from the software and services industry, and roundtables.

More than 500 participants attended this major Grid event, ranging from Grid experts to representatives from SMEs and large companies.