Wallonie World Wide Space Application

The 3WSA project enables Walloon companies to take a more competitive position with respect to the technological tools necessary to build secured geomatic service platforms.

Domaine: Aerospace 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 


Project team : Christophe Ponsard


The 3WSA project addresses the development of technical tools, and experimentation with these tools, merging state-of-the-art ICT with existing and future infrastructures for space applications, especially GALILEO and GMES. The purpose of the project is to provide decision tools to security agencies and citizens in the areas of public security, environmental issues, mobility and natural resources management.

The 3WSA project is intended to initiate a centre of geomatic services in the Walloon Region, addressing European and even global markets, built on existing infrastructures and leading to a number of industrial and commercial initiatives:

  • A reference platform (technical infrastructure and operational structure) for service orchestration in security, the environment, mobility, natural resources and disaster management.
  • A European centre for the transmission of secured and broadband messaging between fixed and mobile entities.
  • A European reference centre for the management of industrial risks, particularly addressing hazardous sites like the SEVESO plants and the transportation of hazardous substances.
  • A start-up incubator, WSLux, to support Walloon initiatives in space infrastructure.

An example of an application of service orchestration is the selection of satellite photography from a limited zone – e.g. a SEVESO plant – from which a specific service provider will identify the storage tanks and their contents. Then, it should be possible to launch a new service to determine the required security zones and dispersion areas around the tanks, taking into account the risk posed by the substances of concern.

CETIC is participating in the development of the billing platform (based on SOA – Service Oriented Architecture) and in the development of the security module for each registered service (based on an Access Control technology). CETIC is providing 3WSA with its expertise in conception and prototyping to upgrade a service platform and add new services to it. CETIC will transfer the corresponding technologies to its partner, Spacebel.

Thanks to its federative character, the 3WSA project makes it possible for Walloon companies to take a more competitive position with respect to the technological tools necessary to build secured geomatic service platforms.

Key Results

CETIC’s role is to provide its expertise in the areas of security, certification and billing. In each of these three domains, CETIC has designed a state-of-the-art service platform and developed a prototype to demonstrate the technology.

  • Concerning security, various standards were investigated, and GEO-XACML, which enables the association of access rights with geographical areas, was studied in more detail. An Access Control prototype was built based on the PEP technologies using an SAML token and GEO-XACML standards with SOAP requests.
  • Concerning invoicing, a prototype was produced for a service that would manage the establishment of the offer, the recording of the necessary information and the creation of the invoices between customers and service providers (and also between suppliers, in the case of composed services).
  • Concerning certification, CETIC ensured that only the services that respected the minimum requirements, as defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), were allowed to be integrated into the platform.


Agence Prévention et Sécurité (ULg) Belgium
AMOS Belgium
Aquapole Belgium
Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) Belgium
IONIC Software Belgium
Vitrociset-EPB Belgium
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