The INFOPOLE ICT Cluster is the Walloon network of Information and Communication Technologies, which unites industry professionals to promote business and innovation through partnership.


Its goal is to help build a specific and original response to strengthen synergies between us and allow companies to better position themselves in the market. Our activities and services fall under three categories:

  • Visibility and connection (Get to know others and become known)
  • Sharing information about projects or business opportunities (Do more business)
  • Support partnerships and innovation (Do more business together)

Knowledge & Skills: the cluster works primarily in the following fields: eHealth, Intelligent Transport Systems, Green technologies (ICT for Green), the public sector (eGov) as well as rapidly-growing sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Serious Games, Big Data, Open Data, Transmedia, Smart Cities, Smartgrids, etc.

Thanks to its network of more than 130 companies working in all areas of IT, INFOPOLE can help you find the ideal partner, no matter what kind of IT project you have!


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