Urban and Environmental Engineering - ULiège

The expertise of the UR UEE is based on the modelling of urban and environmental systems, through digital models, laboratory models, in-situ monitoring (smart metering) or collaborative tools.

Activities: Research 

Collaborations: R&D Partner 


Research carried out by the RU is characterized by a judicious balance of numerical and experimental approaches. The number of publications in international scientific journals is proof of the excellence of this research, as is the involvement of several of its teams in international large scale projects.

The Urban and Environmental Engineering RU is proud of being a key partner in the industrial world, whether it be through its test laboratories or its active participation in the transfer of technologies through networks of expertise or the creation of spin-offs.

Numerous teams are also significantly involved in collaborative activities for development involving the welcoming of PhD students and interns from the South as well as training and equipping laboratories in partner countries.

The experimental validation of research constitutes the cornerstone of the ArGEnCo department’s strategy and is based on a group of test laboratories staffed by efficient personnel and aided by quality equipment.