Communicating wall protection for sensitive environment

The industrial partner, manufacturer of clean fluid distribution systems for the pharmaceutical industry, wants to develop intelligent wall protections based on stainless steel tubes with sensors.


Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

Domaine: Manufacturing 


The objective of the project is to develop a technical system capable of protecting partitions and products in transit in the production areas of pharmaceutical enterprises (clean and sterile rooms) against accidental impacts, likely to generate dust. For this, the system will have to be able to detect and measure impacts, to amortize them in an optimal way, to communicate with the company’s systems in order to launch alerts to allow to act as quickly as possible and to keep historical records.

CETIC will study smart sensors in production bars that can record and quantify shocks and transmit real-time information to maintenance teams. The technical issues concern the large autonomy (very low power consumption), the compatibility of the system with the very strict standards of the pharmaceutical sector and the perfect integration in the stainless-steel tubes with all the packaging constraints that implies. The impact analysis will be based on theoretical models of deformation following the impacts. CETIC will perform a state-of-the-art analysis of shock and wireless transmission technologies to create the best solution in the complex context of the project. Demonstrators will be evaluated and tested under laboratory conditions and in real conditions.

Added value
Compared to existing mechanical protection solutions, this system must make it possible to anticipate the critical situations as much as possible, and if they occur, to drastically reduce production downtime, which significantly increases costs. It will allow Etech to develop a new range of products without equivalent currently.

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