Renewable Energy- and Cleantech-Based Multifunctional & INTelligent Envelope Retrofitting Systems’ Toolbox

A Toolbox for the Intelligent and Multi-Functional Renovation of the Building Envelope, Based on Renewable Energies and Clean Technologies

Domaine: Energy and environment 


The main objective of the REINTEREST project is to contribute to a reduction of energy consumption through increased efficiency in the building. Energy renovations require insulation of the walls of the heated space (mainly facades and roofs), and optimal use of surfaces exposed to light to convert solar energy into electricity (and heat), and to store these energies.

In order to optimize the use of the building envelope, both from a technological and a financial point of view, the REINTEREST project proposes a design methodology, able to be industrialized and custom-made, of multifunctional and intelligent walls (sides and roofs) for cladding. The quick and easy installation from the outside will bring together in one system the various functionalities: aesthetics, waterproofness, photovoltaics, electrical storage, insulation, monitoring, DC nanoréseau and sensors required.

The CETIC is working on the design of sensors needed to monitor the installation and their implementation through the integration with networks and equipment existing in the building. This will allow the quantitative measurement of project results.