Quality Policy

In order to guarantee the satisfaction of all its partners (i.e. companies, universities, and public authorities), CETIC management commits to:

- produce innovative and high value-added results for industries thanks to the development of an advanced expertise in ICT and the continuous enhancement of the technological innovation process;
- guarantee the objectivity and the quality of the results thanks to its independence, its international recognition, and the strict compliance with the ethical rules and scientific protocols;
- ensure a balance between the level of expertises and skills of its employees and the technical requirements of its partners based on continuous training actions and relevant recruitment;
- promote the development and the fulfillment of its employees through providing a healthy environment encouraging creativity, professional achievement and teamwork.

These commitments concern all the research projects that the CETIC conduct with and for its partners. It also includes their administrative management and the continuous development of the CETIC in the long term. CETIC management ensures that each collaborator individually commits to respect these principles.

To fulfill its commitments, CETIC management ensures that all the appropriate actions necessary to collect the needs and the requirements of its partners are realised, such as measuring of the partners satisfaction, monitoring of legislation and development of partnerships with external providers.

To support its commitment to continuous improvement, CETIC management annually defines and evaluates measurable quality objectives consistent with its quality policy and its strategic direction.

ISO 9001 certification of CETIC