Quality Policy

In order to ensure the satisfaction of all its partners (companies, universities and public authorities), CETIC is committed to:

  • Developing cutting-edge expertise in ICT;
  • Delivering innovative results with high added value for companies through continuous improvement of the technological innovation process;
  • Ensuring objectivity and quality results, thanks to its independent position, international recognition, and strict adherence to ethical and scientific protocols;
  • Ensuring the quality of its competencies and technical capabilities by conducting on-going training and appropriate recruitment;
  • Promoting the development and satisfaction of its employees by promoting a healthy environment, which is conducive to creativity, professional achievement and teamwork.

CETIC also invests in the definition of quality norms related to ICT, such as ISO/IEC29110 (Systems and Software Life Cycle Profiles and Guidelines for Very Small Entities); and participates in related standardisation working groups such as ISO JTC1/SC7 (Software & System Engineering Standards).