PaaSage project review at CETIC

PaaSage project review at CETIC

Demonstration of a Cloud Middleware

The technical part of the review of the PaaSage project results by the European Commission will take place in the CETIC offices.

Date: 3 December 2015

Event: CETIC event 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

About project: PaaSage 

Contact : Stéphane Mouton

About 30 researchers in the field of Cloud Computing from across Europe will gather in the CETIC offices from November 30th to December 3rd, in order to finalize the integration tests of the software platform and to present the project results to the experts appointed by the European Commission.

The project will run for another year, in order to validate the results on industrial pilots. The source code will be released in open source via an OW2 project.