NIS Directive User Community Conference

NIS Directive User Community Conference

CETIC participated in the second edition of the NISDUC conference organised on April 25 in Brussels.

Date: 25 April 2023

Event: External activities 

Domaine: Software industry 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 

About project: CyberExcellence 

Contact : Christophe Ponsard

The NISDUC conference is dedicated to the development of a community of practices and knowledge sharing around the NIS directive, aimed at the security of networks and information systems of operators of essential services within the European Union.

Following the success of the first edition in Luxembourg, this second edition took place in Belgium and more specifically targeted the transition to the NIS2 standard, extending the scope of the directive. Speakers from different backgrounds (regulators, operators, experts...) presented the current situation, the path to follow towards NIS2, the evolution of the threat landscape. They also gave feedback about various specific sectors (transport, water treatment) by highlighting useful methods, tools and practices to support this approach.

This conference allowed the CETIC to evaluate the relevance of the research and validation work carried out, particularly in the context of the major challenges of its CyberExcellence project and to establish contacts in various application fields in order to strengthen the validation and exploitation scenarios.

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