Model-based tool for multi-PaaS applications deployment

ModePaaS aims to define a set of tools and techniques to automatically deploy software applications on multiple PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions. It enables to declaratively describe the application requirements and the PaaS solutions capabilities. Then, it allows to deploy the application on various PaaS targets.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Software industry 



In a multiple PaaS environment, developers are faced with several problems and obstacles. Indeed, they must manually discover the capabilities of each PaaS solution, taking into account the application requirements. Then, they have to elect the most appropriate PaaS solutions in which they configure and deploy the application. However, these tasks are cumbersome and costly, and suffer from the lack of automation. MoDePaaS proposes to ease the developer’s life and to tackle these problems. It aims to define an end-to-end solution in order to automatically discover PaaS services and deploy applications on several PaaS solutions. This solution is declarative so that applications requirements and PaaS solutions capabilities are easily expressed.


MoDePaaS should provide the following results:

  • Define an open-source language to model application requirements
  • Define metadata to describe PaaS solutions capabilities and propose a mechanism to collect this metadata
  • Define an algorithm to select PaaS solutions in order to deploy an application
  • Define a unique tool to automatically deploy applications in multiple PaaS solutions

Added value

The project results will allow to automate PaaS services discovery and application deployment steps in a multiple PaaS environment. This project also enhance CETIC’s expertise in order to assist and help industrial partners to take advantage of cloud technologies and commercial offerings as efficiently as possible

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