Mapping Knowledge - Understanding the World through Data

Mapping Knowledge - Understanding the World through Data

Exhibition at Mundaneum, in Mons, Belgium

Grand exhibition for the re-opening of Mundaneum, organised from 27/06/2015 to 29/05/2016 in the context of Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture. This exhibition takes the shape of an interactive journey to the heart of knowledge.

Date: 29 May 2016

Event: External activities 


Data Science 

Domaine: Software industry 

Contact : Damien Hubaux

The world we live in is ruled by data. Today there the volume of information has grown so huge that its complexity is almost impossible to grasp. A discipline known as “data visualisation” has been created to deal with this upsurge of knowledge, and has recently been given a boost by the multiplication of IT tools, the advent of the Internet, the all-digital society, and Big Data.

More information of the Mundaneum website.

This exhibition has a specific meaning for people involved in ICT, this is why CETIC is pleased to be associated with Mundaneum to present it to you.