Requirements Engineering and Specifications

Poor requirements gathering is too common in enterprises, and leads to poor effort estimates, costly requirements and design-related bugs, and more laborious testing and acceptance, which ultimately put project success at risk.Retour.
CETIC’s expertise in Requirements Engineering covers the whole spectrum of methods and application contexts.

Lightweight methods combining structured templates and UML-based notations provide a good level for SME and in non-critical application domains.

Since its creation CETIC has applied and supported the industrial adoption of methods and tools for goal oriented requirements engineering able to capture and structure the objectives of an organization or properties of a more technical system. Such goals (the "WHY") generate the need for specific functionalities (the "WHAT"). This approach allows us to take a step back by exploring multiple alternatives, to reason about their resilience to a hostile environment (particularly in terms of security and safety) and to determine the precise responsibilities that will be entrusted to software components, hardware or software. users of the system (i.e. the "WHO").