GreenWatch currently offers solutions for PV system production monitoring and analysis, as well as green certificate management


Founded in 2009, GreenWatch is an expert in the management and monitoring of building energy-efficiency. GreenWatch offers services in the following 3 areas:
  • Energy system modeling and simulation for residential and office buildings
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and production in buildings 
  • Integration of renewable energy into the grid 
GreenWatch is currently monitoring more than 6,500 PV facilities in the Walloon region, and can now also monitor heating systems (particularly heat pumps) and energy consumption (gas, electricity, water).GreenWatch also intervenes in the early stages of a project by conducting modeling and simulation of a building’s possible energy scenarios. We provide estimations of energy performance and consumption, which can then be verified by a monitoring system. In order to integrate renewable energy into the grid, GreenWatch offers several forecasting tools for PV energy production and is also developing solutions to adjust on-site power inverters in order to improve the quality of the electricity network.
Skills, services and / or productsIn the green heat sector, GreenWatch offers a comprehensive approach with upstream and downstream solutions for client projects.WarmUp software:The WarmUp program conducts energy performance modeling for buildings to determine the most appropriate heating system. This tool is particularly suited to heat pump renovation projects for which a precise study (indicating heat losses and necessary water temperature regimes in the heaters) is essential.WarmUp has a user-friendly interface and can easily perform building modeling to obtain the following results (among others):
  • Calculation of heat losses for each wall 
  • Calculation of the water temperature needed for existing heaters
  • Comfort analysis (according to ISO Standard 7730)
  • Simulation of a green heat production system 

Heat pump monitoring:Once the heat pump is installed, GreenWatch provides a monitoring system to verify that it is working properly in order to be proactive in case of reduced efficiency. This service can also be provided to installers to alert them whenever the measured performances stray too far from predictions.
ReferencesGreenWatch is currently monitoring a dozen residential air-water heat pump systems. The client can access the measurements via a web interface that allows them to remotely verify their system's performance and their energy consumption. GreenWatch currently provides its WarmUp program to heat pump manufacturers/distributors as well as architects and installers. Some training centers should start usingnow use WarmUp at the end of 2014 to provide participants (mainly heating/refrigeration engineers) with a concrete dimensioning solution for existing buildings


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