Private Enterprise Application Marketplace

EAM-SDI is a research project in the specific field of automatic management of infrastructure. The project objective is to automate the monitoring and configuration of the infrastructure and the management of an application marketplace for enterprises.


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Data Science 

Domaine: Software industry 


Project team : Anne-France Brogneaux


The objective of EAM-SDI is to extend the existing software ComodIT with a monitoring tool that collects large amounts of data based on existing probes, an analysis engine of the collected data, an orchestrator which allows executing configurable workflows including on the basis of data collected and a management mechanism of an application marketplace for enterprises.

The platform will then be able to offer its customers the ability to describe typical scenarios encountered in companies (Disaster Recovery, Scalability, ....) and benefit from monitoring and analysis tools. It also will make available applications and revenue in the market place.


The expected outcomes are:

  • A methodology to manage the marketplace, that facilitates application delivery.
  • A monitoring tool that collects and centralizes large amounts of data from sensors, and facilitates access to configure the orchestration.
  • An orchestrator running configurable workflows.
  • A data analysis tool that implements data mining techniques to analyse the behaviour of applications and infrastructure.

Added value

The company Guardis will increase the capabilities of its platform ComodIT, on significant and high added value aspects. This will also benefit to customers of the platform.

The project team is also willing to make available open source components which could be used by other companies.

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