CETIC at the Libre Software Meeting

CETIC at the Libre Software Meeting

Dijon, July 5-9, 2005

A representative of the Embedded Systems team participated to the Libre Software Meeting 2005 to get in touch with the µClinux community, the embedded operating system used in its versatile wireless communication platform.

Date: 5 July 2005


Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

About project: RETICOM 

The Libre Software Meeting is one of the biggest gathering of the Open Source community. This year again, more than 1000 developers, contributors, professors or simple visitors were in Dijon to discuss and exchange their “libre” opinions and developments.

The goals of this international manifestation are :

  • a meeting between conceptors and developers to share their project
  • a way to sensitize a large public to the Open Source software developments and usages.

The Libre Software Meeting is divided in several conference tracks ranging from educational to administrative or even medical software. This year, an important session about the Open Source applications in embedded systems was the main reason of the presence of a CETIC delegate in Dijon.

The CETIC wireless embedded platform

The Embedded Systems team has developed a versatile platform using wireless communication, intended for the automotive, industrial and e-health markets. This platform is running an embedded version of the Linux operating system, called µClinux. Several conference themes in the Libre Software Meeting were related to embedded operating systems, especially µClinux. Themes like cross-compilation, drivers developments and software port were discussed with highly qualified members of the Open Source community.