CETIC at IEEE International Conference on Communications

CETIC at IEEE International Conference on Communications

From Sunday, May 23rd until Thursday, May 27th, 2010, Jimmy NSENGA, senior R&D Engineer at CETIC will attend the IEEE International Conference on Communications.

Date: 23 May 2010

Event: CETIC talks 


Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

This conference will take place in Cape Town, South Africa. The technical papers presented in this conference cover several major ICT topics such as Ad-hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking, Signal Processing for Communications, wireless & Mobile Networking and so on ....
During this conference, CETIC will present a new spatial processing algorithm for antenna array wireless systems, which combines analog and digital beamforming techniques. This algorithm allows to reduce the cost, complexity and power consumption of large antenna array wireless systems with data rate beyond 1 Gigabit/s. The paper presenting this algorithm is entitled "Mixed analog/digital beamforming for 60 GHz MIMO frequency selective channels" and will be published in the Proceedings of IEEE ICC 2010 and the IEEE eXplore.