CETIC at ICSOC/ServiceWave Conference and The Future Internet Assembly

CETIC at ICSOC/ServiceWave Conference and The Future Internet Assembly

Stockholm - November 24-27

CETIC will present IT-tude.com at ICSOC/ServicecWave Conference and The Future Internet Assembly in Stockholm.

Date: 4 November 2009

Event: CETIC talks 

About project: BEinGRID 

IT-tude.com is the new name of “Gridipedia”. Started 3 years ago, Gridipedia began its journey connecting Grid technologies to business and research communities. Since then, the site has evolved to include new breakthrough IT solutions, such as Cloud, Virtualization, Software as a Service (SaaS) and other emerging trends and technologies.


Service oriented computing is an interdisciplinary paradigm that revolutionizes the very fabric of distributed software development, including not only complex enterprise applications but also scientific, mobile, telecommuncations and embedded system-based applications.

This year ICSOC and its European partner ServiceWave Conference series are particularly pleased to join forces. The joint ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009 aims to provide a world-leading forum and unique opportunity for academic researchers and industry practitioners to report on groundbreaking research work in service oriented computing. The joint conference fosters the creation of cross-community scientific excellence by gathering academic and industrial experts from various disciplines such as business process management, distributed systems, computer networks, wireless & mobile communication networks, grid computing, networking, service science and software engineering.

The Future Internet Assembly

The Future Internet Assembly - FIA groups 96 projects who subscribed to the Bled Declaration. They agreed to coordinate their R&D activities to foster a strong European footprint on Future Internet. More than Euro 600 million are invested by the participants and by the European Commission to make this happen. FIA mobilises a community of some 300 experts active in shaping the European Future Internet vision.

What is FIA’09 Workshop in Stockholm about?

FIA’09 Stockholm will bring together about 300 stakeholders in the Future Internet developments from policy makers, industry and academia, coming from mainly from EU member countries and abroad. FIA’09 is now clearly positioned as "the" European Future Internet Research and Innovation conference.

What makes it attractive is the mix of policy makers, industry and academia, debating research and innovation strategies and then best way forward for a stronger European position in Future Internet developments.