CETIC Accredited by French Ministry for Research as R&D Expert

CETIC Accredited by French Ministry for Research as R&D Expert

The French Spin-off KALISTICK Benefits from CETIC’s Expertise in Code Analysis

Date: 25 November 2008

CETIC (Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies, Belgium) was just Accredited by the French Ministry for Research as an organisation carrying out R&D activities for the account of private companies. CETIC is therefore recognised in France as an expert in driving R&D projects. French businesses working with CETIC can then benefit from research tax credits (50% of R&D expenses per year, up to €100M for the first year).

This recognition resulted in the signature of a collaboration contract between CETIC and KALISTICK, French company based in Lyon. KALISTICK has developed the ‘Quality Cockpit’, a web platform functioning in SaaS mode driving Java and C# projects’ quality.
KALISTICK contacted CETIC to benefit from its expertise in code analysis. CETIC has actually been developing a prototype platform called D-Side Dashboard which integrates several dashboards to enable the evaluation of an application’s quality level.
This CETIC expertise is recognised by industrials with experience in indicators of code quality. This definitely convinced KALISTICK to integrate into its solution the indicators developed by CETIC.

Press release French Aggregation and Kalistick Collaboration