Belgian eHealth Innovation Resulting from Technology Transfer of CETIC Expertise Gained in European Project.

Belgian eHealth Innovation Resulting from Technology Transfer of CETIC Expertise Gained in European Project.

Brussels, September 27, 2010 – This week at ICT2010, the focus is on the Health sector faced with challenges related to the ageing of the population which entail high costs for domestic Social Security systems. These changes underline the need for adequate solutions and innovative processes.
CETIC answers this need by transferring its growing expertise in eHealth solutions acquired at European project level, towards Belgian businesses, helping them to integrate new technologies that will allow them to save time and money while developing their activities.
The success story CETIC is experiencing with Vitaltronics illustrates that sharing expertise and findings with international partners benefits local companies CETIC is providing IT support to.

Date: 27 September 2010

Domaine: Health 

About project: OLDES 

Transfer of ICT Expertise from EU Projects to Belgian Businesses

CETIC provides expertise in software engineering, innovative services based on service-oriented technologies, Cloud and embedded systems.
This expertise has been gained through CETIC’s active involvement in European projects from the FP6 and FP7 for Research and Technological Developments.
Investing in the eHealth leading sector, CETIC develops partnerships with technological leaders and European industries and speeds up the technological transfer to local Belgian businesses.

Balancing Social and Technological Challenges of ICT in eHealth

eHealth is key for CETIC. Today the Health sector needs to meet the challenges related to the population’s overall ageing to offer the best-quality care. In this perspective, home-based technological systems developed at CETIC offer means of tackling this problem.

The OLDES FP6 project CETIC demonstrates that the use of new home technologies helps reducing older people’s isolation.
Vitaltronics, a Belgian technology partner for eHealth Innovations, is driving its activities in the same direction. Vitaltronics has the role of improving the quality of patients’ life in their residence through the supply of user-friendly and personal health monitors with a modern design at an affordable price.

The project focuses on home health telemonitoring with wireless medical devices (glucometer, pulse oxymeter, sphygmomanometer, weight scale, and electrocardiogram) and interactive online entertainment. Users can access online news, videos and audio content and are able to communicate easily using modern Internet-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communication technologies. The OLDES system includes an online discussion group led by facilitators who encourage interest and solicit reactions from participants.

The transfer of expertise in eHealth solutions done by CETIC between OLDES and Vitaltronics shows the importance of bringing technological solutions to assist homecare and to monitor diseases from home.
“CETIC exploits research results from projects driven at international level with well-known organisations. It is therefore the ideal partner to transfer advanced ICT expertise to Belgian businesses.” confirms Diederick Geerinckx, Director at Vitaltronics.

Driving Innovation through EU Research, Success Story Demonstrated at ICT2010

The CETIC stand presented at the ICT2010 conference in Brussels on September 27-29, clearly highlights this successful technology transfer driven by CETIC, thanks to the expertise acquired through the research achieved when taking part into EU research programmes such as OLDES.
CETIC supports businesses in their innovation initiatives, improved products, processes or services, and in particular provides technological and methodological advice, prototype development or feasibility studies.
Therefore CETIC experts’ work stimulates research, providing IT support to local businesses, enabling them to adopt advanced technologies, innovate faster, save money and time and meet new needs, so as to strengthen the EU’s competitiveness and leadership.

About CETIC -

CETIC is the Belgian ICT applied research centre dedicated to support industry.
Based in Charleroi, CETIC was created in 2001 through the initiative of three Belgian universities – the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix de Namur (FUNDP), the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and the Faculté Polytechnique at the Université de Mons (FPMs). Through its ongoing relationships with university teams, CETIC remains permanently updated on current and emerging scientific progress in Belgium, Europe and world-wide.

Contact: Bérengère FALLY, CETIC - +32 495 213100 -

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