Programmable Web

The Programmable Web provides composable Web services, which are small pieces of software available through the Internet, for next-generation applications. CETIC adapts the architecture of applications that are consuming, or providing, Web services, in order to make them scalable and ready to be delivered as a service (SaaS).
Mastering these technologies shortens the time-to-market of innovative solutions, thanks to the composition of the Web services, and consequently reduces the overall development effort. Providing efficient and well-designed Web APIs that are in line with standards is a key factor in the adoption of these services by third parties.
Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) support the development of complex and distributed software applications. It also supports modularity, and hence the reuse of software components. The quick adoption of Web-enabled mobile devices is creating a demand for more applications available via the Internet, which requires that significant architectural changes be made to software. SOA is also key to combining services to create more advanced service offerings.