CETIC is active in several types of regional R&D projects funded by the Regional Ministry of Research and coordinated by the walloon administration.

From 2001 to 2007, CETIC ran seven ambitious research projects funded under the Phasing Out (Structural funds provided by the European Union and the Walloon Region)

From 2008, CETIC is working on a new wave of applied R&D projects funded under the Convergence objective (FEDER 2007-2013) with several research partners (UMH, CENAERO, UCL, FUNDP, ULB, FPMS, MULTITEL).

In addition to these large projects, CETIC is working on regional collaborative projects (Marshall Plan, WIST projects, Technology Innovation Partnerships and Collaborative Research) designed especially by and for the industry and aiming to solve specific problems through the innovative use of ICT technologies.