Visit the SEW Eurodrive

Visit of SEW Eurodrive

An 'industry 4.0' vision has become reality!! Participate in SEW-Eurodrive's tour program and visit the two production and logistics sites.

Date: 27-11-2018

Event: External activities 

Domaine: Manufacturing 


In the framework of Made Different Digital Wallonia, InfoPole and Sirris have teamed up to organize a visit to a company of the future: the SEW-Eurodrive plant, where the vision of Industry 4.0 has become reality.

Changes in the workplace  have been implemented. New technologies and processes have been developed with employees in interdisciplinary teams. Mobile robots and support systems help assembly workers. The motto is: "Work smarter, not harder".

Take part in the program of this visit and discover how the daily work with the SEW-Eurodrive 360 ​​° vision and the introduction of lean manufacturing, mass customization, data analytisc and other technologies work.

The visit will take place in two stages:

The Graben factory was built in 1950 to produce 1,500 geared motors a day. Today, thanks to lean manufacturing, it produces up to 4,000 daily.

The hall application is a laboratory, test center and showcase of 4.0 technologies.


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