CETIC’s values match its commitment to operational excellence, and enable this Centre of Excellence to achieve a high level of partner and customer satisfaction.


CETIC is the trusted third party when partnering with companies, helping them integrate the latest technologies designed to innovate and address new markets. CETIC employees are approachable and forthright, and regard the quality of their relationship with their partners as a point of honour. They take the time to understand the needs of their clients, and provide them with the solutions that best meet those needs.


CETIC applies its expertise to achieving the highest level of software quality to yield maximum benefit for both companies and partners. Thanks to the close ties among its research teams, CETIC maintains control of all phases of a project.


CETIC actively contributes to the development of Wallonia by supporting and stimulating innovation in the local economy, particularly its SMEs.


CETIC teams demonstrate initiative, creativity and curiosity in the research topics they select, using their complementary skills to ensure an innovative, high-quality result. Strong links with industry (including those maintained by the Technical Committee) ensure the relevance of the research projects they select.


Thanks to its status as a private, non-profit organisation, CETIC is able to collaborate with industry and the public sector in total independence, within a framework of trust and in a spirit of cooperation without competition.

CETIC Gender Equality Plan (More information on European Policy on Gender equality in research and innovation).