Towards Smarter Airborne Technologies

Towards Smarter Airborne Technologies

C. Ponsard, Towards Smarter Airborne Technologies : a panorama of Belgian Research. AIAA Intelligent Systems Technical Committee, Fall 2014 ISTC Newsletter.

Date: 3 janvier 2015

Publication: Communication scientifique 


Ingénierie des systèmes IT complexes 

Domaine: Aérospatial 

A propos du projet: SAT 

Driven by the Walloon "Marshall" plan, key challenges met Belgian aerospace companies within the skywin pole have been investigated by the Smarter Airborne Technologies project. A mixed consortium of companies (Thales Belgium SA, Barco-Silex, Gillam FEI, M2Systems, Dardenne), universities (UCLouvain, UNamur, ULiege) and research centers (CETIC, Multitel) could achieve innovative progress in the following areas :

  • Operating system hardening on top of electronic components exposed to extreme conditions of radiation and temperatures.
  • Cost efficient tooled process support for DO-178/254 incremental certification using a product line approach.
  • Prototyping of a Compact Passive Hydrogen Maser intended for achieving ultra-precise frequency or time management in space and civil aviation.
  • Blind Human Machine Interface for improving the interaction between the pilot and cockpit control interfaces through a multi-modal approach.
  • Simulation Radio/Airport to study the congestion of the radio systems at airports, in particular for the air traffic control, through a virtual reality approach.