Third Artemis Annual Conference

Third Artemis Annual Conference

The European Technological Platform dedicated to Embedded computing systems

Artemis is the European Technological Platform (ETP) dedicated to Embedded computing systems (electronics and software). The third Artemis annual conference was held in Graz (Austria) on May 23-24, 2006.

Date: 24 May 2006

Event: External activities 

Contact : Damien Hubaux

ETPs are a new mean to define European research and development priorities. They are led by the industry, to ensure an adequate focus of research funding on areas with a high degree of industrial relevance. They also provide orientation for the Seventh Research Framework Programme. The Artemis ETP also works in collaboration with the EUREKA and MEDEA+ initiatives.

Artemis recently produced the first version of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) (document), which have been presented in more details during this annual conference. The SRA identifies the challenges the EU industry will face in the field of embedded systems. Tree industrial research priorities are defined:

  • Reference Designs and Architectures
  • Seamless Connectivity and Middleware
  • Design Methods and Tools

The Reference Designs and Architectures priority does not only aim at defining Artemis generic platforms, but it also deals with the new requirements and constraints imposed by upcoming embedded systems. It defines the research topics and even defines in an annex the taxonomy of the constrains and requirements. Especially, it opens the doors to the innovative SME’s that address these specific problems.

The Seamless Connectivity and Middleware aspect defines domain clusters that identifies the applications having common communication technology and/or infrastructure. The goal is that Artemis undertake their systematic development and impose them as standards.

The third priority is the the Design Methods and Tools. Two main barriers are identified: the industry/application sector fragmentation and the lack of interoperability (exchange format).

The conference also pointed specific problems such has the use of Open source Software in embedded systems, especially operating systems.

Then, the implementation plan has been exposed. The Artemis SRA will be realised by the Artemis Joint Technology Initiative (JTI; JTI are build on article 171 of EU Treaty, the first JTI created was Galileo). While the FP7 tackle ’upstream’ research, the Artemis JTI will be more focused on downstream research. It will involve countries committing budget, with the budget being guaranteed in advance (as opposed to EUREKA). The financing rates would however be lower.

Artemis already achieved the first goal to express the needs of the European embedded systems industry and to discuss the role of every stakeholders (big players, SMEs, universities and research centers). Beside FP7 and EUREKA/MEDEA+ initiatives, the Artemis ETP can really help the key sector of embedded systems industry in Europe to keep its strength, and even its leadership in domains like automotive, airplane electronics, industrial automation, telecommunication, medical systems and energy control.