The 5th Future Internet Forum (FIF) Meeting

The 5th Future Internet Forum (FIF) Meeting

Date: 29 January 2018

Event: External activities 

About project: TANGO 

Contact : Philippe Massonet

Philippe Massonet will participate in the 5th Future internet Forum meeting on 29 January 2018 in Luxembourg.

The agenda of the meeting is "The NGI Initiative – State of Affairs and Action Checkpoint". He has been invited as Next Generation Internet (NGI) contact point for the Walloon Region of Belgium. He is participating in the TANGO H2020 project that is providing technologies and tools to facilitate the adoption of new heterogeneous hardware. It recognizes the importance of exploiting parallelism that has become a dominant method of delivering higher performance and improved energy efficiency for the future internet.

View online : HUB4NGI