Software deployment tools

Software deployment tools

TRAIL doctoral seminars

Over 70 researchers showed-up for the virtual launch of the TRAIL Factory and the tutorial on the founding 3 bricks Visage. The presentation was assured by Faiez Zalila, Sébastien Lugan, Jonathan Samelson, with the support of Vân Anh Huynh-Thu.

Date: 3 December 2021

Event: CETIC talks 

Domaine: Software industry 

Innovation theme: Artificial Intelligences 

About project: ARIAC 


Software containers constitute an essential pillar in helping accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) lifecycle for organizations worldwide. Multiple organizations have operationalized containers to accelerate data science workflows and build intelligent applications. In this seminar, we will study containers, their advantages, challenges and benefits to deliver portable and scalable ML/AI applications. First, we will present a theoretical overview of containerization with the Docker technology. Then, we will conduct a hands-on session on running recent AI software with containers. Finally, we will give a status about the Trail Factory, the operationalization and dissemination platform of ML/AI technological bricks.

Speakers: Sébastien Lugan (UCLouvain), Faiez Zalila (Cetic)

Presentation ’Software deployment tools’ by Faiez Zalila
Example of TRAIL Factory Software brick


About TRAIL doctoral seminars

The TRAIL doctoral seminars are afternoon sessions primarily targeting PhD students doing research in AI. They are organized in the context of TRAIL and co-sponsored by the FNRS CIL doctoral school and the SPW-EER ARIAC project. These events take place every first Friday of the month, in a hybrid mode (both on-site and online). Each TRAIL doctoral seminar focuses on a specific topic.

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