Seminar on Epilepsy 2017

Seminar on Epilepsy 2017

Epilepsy: The Challenges of School and Professional Integration

CETIC has participated to the similar on epilepsy 2017 organised by the Belgian Francophone League against Epilepsy in order to discuss about the opportunities to develop an epilepsy seizure prediction system that is based on data analysis and a network of wearables.

Date: 18 February 2017

Event: CETIC talks 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Data Science 

Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

Domaine: Health 

On the occasion of the International Day of Epilepsy and for the third consecutive year the Belgian Francophone League against Epilepsy organised a seminar on Epilepsy on 18 February. This disease is a neurological disorder whose impact is still not well-known nowadays. The seminar highlighted several aspects related to the well-being and school and professional integration of people with epilepsy.

Mohamed Boukhebouze an expert in data and process management, has participated in this seminar and was able to discuss with epileptologists and patients with epilepsy about the benefit of developing a system based on data analysis and a network of wearables (Such as ECG, EMG, EDA) sensors for the prediction of epileptic seizures. This system allows to provide a continuous monitoring in order to early detect an epilepsy seizure and provide recommendations to reduce the risk of developing seizures. So that, such as the system can help to improve the safety, mobility and quality of life of people with epilepsy. The system was presented at European Data Forum 2015 and published in the magazine ERCIM 2016.

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