Raphaël Michel

Raphaël Michel

Senior R&D Engineer

Data Science


Data Engineering and Data Science 

Raphaël Michel is a research and development engineer in the security and certification team of the CETIC since january 2010. He has a bachelor and a master degree in computer science and started a PhD while joining the CETIC. His main research subject is the exploitation and extension of SMT solvers in the context of configuration problems. Related research subjects include among others: software product lines, the automation of the configuration of their products, as well as constraint programming, satisfiability problems, languages development and models transformation.

Before joining the CETIC, he had the opportunity to build up experience in the world of data warehousing, during which he learned the use of the SAS tools and language. In parrallel, he also had the opportunity to learn and use Microsoft Biztalk on a day to day basis for nearly one year.