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Dynamic Process Building to Support Business Process Exception Managment with the BEM Framework

Isabelle Linden, Myriam Derbali, Gabriel Schwanen, Jean-Marie Jacquet, Ravi Ramdoyal, and Christophe Ponsard, On Dynamically Building Process in the Aim of Supporting Business Process Exception Management by Means of the BEM Framework, in "Impact of the Web of Things in Decision Support Systems for Global Environments" (book chapter), Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series, 2014 (accepted)

Business process management systems aim at ensuring an efficient chaining of the tasks composing a business process. Their activity rely on process models representing sets of business scenarios. Unfortunately, these models cannot take all the possible states of the environment into account, especially when a process is executed in a dynamic environment. The BEM (Business Event Manager) framework has been designed and developed in order to support dynamic process re-design at
run-time in situations where incompatibilities with the predefined model occur. The heart of the solution combines a business process engine, a complex event processing engine and an abductive planner. This paper describes the support offered by the BEM framework and presents a generic description of the architecture together with its implementation.