Living Labs as a tool of governance, the experience of Belgium

Living Labs as a tool of governance, the experience of Belgium

in the context of an inter-regional project of cross-border governance

Nicolas Devos will intervene at the kick-off of the T.R.I.G.Eau project, as they solicited a talk from an expert of ENOLL.

Date: 31 March 2017

Event: CETIC talks 


Co-creation for digital 

Domaine: Digital Society 

About project: Living Lab 

The objective of the T.R.I.G.Eau project (Transboundary, Resilience, Innovation & Governance for the prevention of hydrogeological risk) will be to experience a governance method characterized by joint planning between government institutions, academia, technicians, citizens and businesses, on sustainable measures to reduce runoff by restoring permeable surfaces in the urban fabric.

During the public project launch event, this talk will analyse which methods and tools can be used in order to reach the project objectives, finding inspiration in the experience of Living Labs.

The presentation will provide feedback on the implementation of Living Labs in Wallonia and will address the following points:

  •  Introduction: Presentation of Walloon approaches, the ecosystem of stimulation and support for creativity and innovation, including Living Labs
  •  Presentation of the concept of Living Labs (origins, foundations, networks)
  •  Description of the steps involved in setting up a Living Lab
  •  Reflection on the application in the framework of a research project