Innov'action Aerospace 4.0

Innov’action Aerospace 4.0

Euregional Congress on Smart Manufacturing and Smart Maintenance

In the frame of the Interreg project, Euregio Meuse-Rhine, named Hyperegio Innovation2Market, a euregional event in the aerospace sector is planned to take place at the 17th of April 2018 at Liege Airport (Belgium).
The purpose of this Interreg project is to stimulate B2B-collaboration across borders (Euregio) between technologically innovative SME’s.

Date: 17 April 2018


Data Science 

Domaine: Manufacturing 

The Innov’action aerospace 4.0 event will be an application-oriented and technology-focussed event.


  • ​Conferences given by the OEM’s in the morning.
    They will detail their needs in technologies and/or their experiences and realizations regarding the « smart » manufacturing/maintenance topic.
  • Workshops in the afternoon. They will consist in:
    - Story tellings. For instance, SME’s who have implemented automated production, …
    - Presentation of specific technologies related to needs
    - Research and innovation fundings (e.g. Clean Sky for projects TRL >5)
  • B2B and expert meetings all day
    - SME’s and OEM’s
    - Experts

The CETIC will moderate one of the four workshops. The technical session will be dedicated to Big Data.

View online : Innov’action Aerospace 4.0