Hugo Walem

Hugo Walem

Research Engineer

Data Science


Data Engineering and Data Science 

Hugo Walem graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Management from HEPH (Haute École Provinciale de Hainaut) Condorcet in Mons in January 2023. During his studies, he completed several application development projects in the field of IT and management.

From February to May 2022, as part of his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Management, Hugo completed a fifteen-week internship at Cetic. This internship focused on deep neural networks applied to image recognition, as well as tooling and automation of deep learning pipelines. The aim of these tools was to facilitate the training of various neural network models from an initial dataset using deep learning techniques. They also aimed to improve results through the active learning principle.

Thus, deep learning, active learning, and MLOps played a central role in Hugo’s successful thesis, which he wrote and defended with a jury of experts from technological innovation companies.

In October 2022, Hugo joined the Data Science department at Cetic as a research engineer.