Dialogues between researchers & entrepreneurs on AI Grand Challenges

Dialogues between researchers & entrepreneurs on AI Grand Challenges

European AI week

During the European AI week, TRAIL will be present notably with an event on its grand challenges, thanks to the representatives of the accredited research centres who will present them.

Date: 16-03-2022

Event: CETIC talks 

Domaine: Software industry 

Innovation theme: Artificial Intelligences 

About project: ARIAC 


The six universities and the four accredited research centres of TRAIL (Trusted AI Labs) invite you to go over grand challenges we defined in 2021. Each grand challenge is presented by the researchers working at resolving the key problems at hand and has the opportunity to dialogue with an industry practitioner to gauge what progress research is making.

Among others the participants will discuss what place does artificial intelligence takes in modern manufacturing, management, decision support; how artificial intelligence can help enterprises becoming more efficient and safer with an approach to zero-defect, zero-accident and zero burnout to get things the first time right and provide consistent product quality throughout product development and manufacturing cycles. Naturally, in today’s age, questions on privacy and trustworthiness of ubiquitous AI systems have their place in these discussions. Join us to find out the current state of affairs!


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