Concertation and Consultation on Computing Continuum

Concertation and Consultation on Computing Continuum

From Cloud to Edge to IoT

Le CETIC est intervenu lors cet évènement consacré à l’évolution des applications informatiques vers un continuum Cloud-Edge-IOT.

Date: 10 May 2023

Event: CETIC talks 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Software industry 

About project: SovereignEdge.Cognit 

The blurring barriers between Cloud and Edge computing are giving birth to a computing continuum where services and data must be managed and secured efficiently. Especially with new trends like the Metaverse, the demand for (hybrid) cloud computing services and edge computing is expected to skyrocket. As recent studies suggest, new data processing needs are appearing at the edge. This not only for reducing latency but also to ensure data availability and privacy protection. Running and managing data analytics and AI where it is more efficient and effective is to be supported in the Cloud-Edge-IOT continuum.

Sébastien Dupont intervened to present:

  • the sovereignedge.cognit project
  • an expression of interest on "Autonomous Response for Security and Resilience in the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum"

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