Co-engineering security and safety at SASSUR

Co-engineering security and safety at SASSUR

Our transportation means (automotive, railways, ...) are becoming increasingly connected and autonomous. They also rely on more critical software in safety but also related to cyber security. CETIC initiated work on this subject and will present first results at the SASSUR workshop of the Safecomp 2016 conference to be held in Tronheim (Norway) on September 20-23.

Date: 20 September 2016

Event: CETIC talks 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Domaine: Transport & logistics 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 

Contact : Philippe Massonet

Philippe Massonet will present an approach developed based on the goal-driven co-engineering of security and safety. The case study of a connected car will be discussed as supporting example. A more general presentation of the work is also available in the ERCIM News 106 Special Issue of on cyber-security