Cloudscape VI

Cloudscape VI

Cloudscape is the venue for bringing together a truly mixed audience from big corporations to SMEs and from researchers to policy makers. Together they look beyond the latest fads to zoom in on the opportunities and issues that really matter.

Date: 24 February 2014

Event: External activities 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

Contact : Philippe Massonet

The organisers have a packed 2-day agenda with an impressive line-up of speakers with keynotes offering insights into socio-economic benefits, legal issues and perspectives from cloud providers:

  • Simon Wardley, Researcher, Leading Edge Forum.
  • Joe Weinman, author of Cloudonomics.
  • Steve McGibbon, EMEA Regional Technical Office, Microsoft.
  • Kuan Hon, Research Consultant, Cloud Computing Project, Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS).
  • Joe Baguley, Chief Technologist, VMWare.
  • Steffan Krause, Technical Evangelist Amazon Web Services.

The agenda is a mix of invited talks, interactive panel debates, lightning talks and workshops covering:

  • Moving to the cloud: How to “strategise like an army”: where, why, how.
  • End-user benefits: How to support researchers and educational institutions, from power tools for an “army-of-one” to large-scale international cooperation.
  • Success stories in enterprise. Cloud and small businesses.
  • Efficiency & savings: How to make savings, deliver better citizen services and provide a low carbon economy.
  • Addressing your concerns: How to survive data regulations and security in the cloud. Why we need interoperability and data portability.
  • Global perspectives: Stories from the international landscape. Common measures of success?
  • Future visions: Cloud provider roadmaps and the next wave of innovation.

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