CYBERTECH Europe 2019

CYBERTECH Europe 2019

SPARTA workshop

The H2020 SPARTA project was present at the CYBERTECH Europe 2019 conference in Rome with a booth and a workshop during which the SPARTA pilot for a European Cybersecurity Competence Network was presented.
CETIC also participated in the concurrent SPARTA project meeting, as Certification workpackage leader and task leader for assessment methods and tools.

Date: 24 September 2019

Event: CETIC talks 

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 

About project: SPARTA 

Contact : Philippe Massonet

Conference The SPARTA Network:

  • 14:25–15:15 European Strategic Autonomy Through Cybersecurity: Challenges and Opportunities for 2020 Panel
  • 15:15–15:45 Now’s the Time for European Cybersecurity: We Are SPARTA
  • 15:45–16:15 From Grassroots Challenges to Concrete Vision, the SPARTA Roadmap
  • 16:15–16:30 Cybersecurity Research Taxonomy and Mapping in Europe
  • 16:30–17:00 The CAPE Program: Breaking New Ground in Key Assessment Techniques
  • 17:00–17:45 SPARTA Workshop: Launch of the Associates & Friends Program
  • 17:45–18:00 Closing Words