KAOS/Objectiver tutorial at RE2017

KAOS/Objectiver tutorial at RE2017

CETIC support for the international deployment of the Respect-IT SME

The Respect-IT SME is currently preparing the deployment of its new requirements engineering SaaS platform. In addition to contributing to the innovative aspects of this platform, CETIC also supports the company to deploy it at international level.

Date: 4 September 2017


Co-creation for digital 

Contact : Christophe Ponsard

CETIC will be present at the next international requirements engineering conference RE 2017 organized in Portugal in September. CETIC will provide support in logistics and expertise in order to organize training and demonstration of the new platform: "Writing requirements documents with goals: the KAOS/Objectiver approach".

In the past, CETIC already helped Respect-it in other international activities notably in China with the multinational company Huawei and in Germany at the CAISE conference

The program of the tutorial is:

  • Introduction
    • The KAOS approach
    • Key steps
    • 1st case study: CRM
    • Examples of requirements document
    • Tool support
    • 2nd case study: secured cockpit
    • 3rd case study: car park management system
  • Research topics
    • Model analysis and synthesis
    • Model (self-) adaptation

View online : http://re2017.org