CETIC presenting at ICISSP 2022

CETIC presenting at ICISSP 2022

CETIC participates in the ICISSP 2022 online conference devoted to the security and confidentiality of information systems by presenting lessons learned from its experiences in conducting cybersecurity risk analysis.

Date: 11 February 2022

Event: CETIC talks 


Engineering of complex IT systems 

About project: CYRUS 

Contact : Christophe Ponsard

CETIC trains a wide audience of companies to carry out cybersecurity analyses. In his presentation, our expert trainer will explain the main difficulties encountered in the implementation of risk analysis methods in this field, both in terms of business (essential assets to be protected, information flow, impacts, etc.) the technical plan (identification of threats, estimation of their likelihood, etc.). The interest of an approach framed by more precise models is also highlighted.

More info about the paper: Survey and Guidelines about Learning Cyber Security Risk Assessment

View online : Conférence website