CETIC present at the Expoforum "Security and Innovations"

CETIC present at the Expoforum "Security and Innovations"

EXPOFORUM of CharleroiExpo organised a two day event on September 28th to 29th on the theme of security: "Security and Innovations, New Technologies Serving the Enterprise". CETIC was present at EXPOFORUM-Security and Innovation in the research center booth with the CERDT and the CRIF.

Date: 28 September 2005

Innovation theme: Cyber Security 

About project: FAUST 

Contact : Philippe Massonet

In Belgium, a recent survey of the FEB has found that one out of two companies has been the victim of internal or external theft in the last 3 years. This has led Belgian companies to pay more and more attention to security issues and solutions.

CETIC was present in the research center booth along with the CERDT and the CRIF. CETIC also made a presentation on the security of networks. The cost of the network in the total cost of a security system can be as high as 40%. Decisions regarding the network can thus have an important impact on the budget. For example, one might have the choice between using the existing IP network for the security system, or building a new dedicated network. In order to make the right decision, the existing and security related network loads must be studied, and the impact on the response time must be evaluated. The security of the network also has to be studied in order to ensure that it does not become a vulnerability of the security system.

The general theme of security is important for companies and administrations, and CETIC is going to further develop its security expertise in the years to come.