CETIC demonstrations at the MODELS conference

CETIC demonstrations at the MODELS conference

CETIC will present a demonstration of several modeling and optimization tools developed in research projects in collaboration with Walloon companies

Date: 19 October 2018

Event: CETIC talks 


Algorithmic and combinatorial Optimisation 

Scalability of embedded systems and IoT networks 

The MODELS conference is the major international conference in model-oriented engineering. This year It takes place in Copenhagen from 14 to 19 October.
CETIC will participate and present two contributions combining a modeling tool and an advanced treatment of this model. In both cases a Walloon company is associated.

  • the tool PLACE is able to modeling complex computational processes and optimize their placement on heterogeneous hardware infrastructures. This tool is developed by the project TANGO and is based on a use- case of the Walloon company Deltatec. It will be presented during the session ’tool’ of the conference.
  • the plugin USE allows to integrate the modeling and the reasoning on OCL constraints in the tool Objectiver developed by Respect-IT.

View online : MODELS conference 2018