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CETIC at the plenary meeting of ISO-JTC1-SC7

Simon ALEXANDRE, CETIC General Manager, and Jean-Christophe DEPREZ, CETIC Scientific Coordinator will attend the plenary meeting of the ISO-JTC1-SC7, taking place on May 22-27, 2011, next to Paris. The ISO SC7 is a subcommittee in charge of standards related to software and system engineering including IT service management and IT governance. Every year in May, SC7 holds its plenary meeting where all its working groups exchange on their current effort on ISO standards.

For more than 5 years, CETIC has been involved in working group 24 (Standard on software process adapted for SME) and working group 6 (Standard on Software Quality Requirement and Evaluation). During this meeting, Jean-Christophe Deprez defends the SME interests and encourages ISO working groups to adapt their standards to become understandable and usable by SMEs.