Bérengère Nihoul

Bérengère Nihoul

Research Engineer

Co-Innovation Methodology and Technology


  • Telephone: +32 495 64 94 08
  • Email: berengere.nihoul@cetic.be
  • Twitter: @BerengNhl
  • LinkedIn


Co-creation for digital 

Domains: Digital Society 

Graduated in business engineering at the University of Namur in 2016, Bérengère starts her career in the CETIC at the end of 2017. Intersted by ICT’s during her studies, she oriented herself towards innovation management, creativity and sharing economy. It is in this way that she specialized herself in the development of smart cities and smart territories.

With some technological notions she is the intermediary between the draft of an idea and the conception of a solution linked to the stakeholders, including citizens.