Approaching the Cloud : Better Business Using Grid Solutions

Approaching the Cloud : Better Business Using Grid Solutions

"Approaching the Cloud : Better Business Using Grid Solutions", public deliverable released by the BEinGRID consortium.

Date: 1er octobre 2009

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BEinGRID case studies

"Approaching the Cloud : Better Business Using Grid Solutions" is the title of a booklet from BEinGRID, the largest ICT project financed by the European Commission.

The publication gives an impressive overview of twenty-five successful case studies covering the industrial sectors from Advanced Manufacturing, Media, Financial, Retail and Logistics, Environment and e-Science, Telecommunication, Tourism, and Agriculture to Health.

The case studies from the different sectors show how businesses may profit from distributed computing — from Grid to Cloud solutions.Retour ligne automatique
In an economy that often insists on proven business cases to innovate, the booklet offers just that : concrete examples of how and why Grid and Cloud solutions can benefit the described industrial sectors.