ALICE Brokerage, workshops & Info-day

ALICE Brokerage, workshops & Info-day

Transport et logistique dans les appels Horizon Europe

Date: 28 February 2023

Event: External activities 

Domaine: Transport & logistics 

About project: STARS 

At CETIC, as part of our STARS project mission to support SMEs from the railway and multimodality domain in Europe to find resources for further improvement and evolvement of their use of digital technologies, we are actively searching for funding opportunities and collaborations for the SMEs in the area of advanced technologies for logistics and transportation.
In this context, we are attending on Tuesday 28th of February the information, workshops and brokerage event that is organised by the European Technology Platform ALICE, the alliance for logistics innovation through collaboration in Europe.
The aim of the event is to give an overview of the Work Programmes 2023 – 2024, connect with potential partners, review the current logistics trends, define freight and logistics priorities and prepare recommendations to support shaping R&I programmes.

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