AI4Belgium Infrastructure Working Group

AI4Belgium Infrastructure Working Group

As we move further towards a digital society, economy and ecosystems, having a robust AI infrastructure will help collect, share and analyze critical big data. to this transformation.

Date: 06-10-2021

Event: External activities 

Innovation theme: Artificial Intelligences 

About project: ARIAC 

Contact : Robin Corbet


The AI4Belgium Working Groups are focused on several strategic topics, it is now time we launch the AI Infrastructure Working Group.

Just like office productivity software needs a computer to run, AI projects require a quality infrastructure to run and to handle large amounts of data.

That infrastructure can be physical like a datacenter for instance or can be virtual and sitting in the cloud, and definitely does include areas of consideration for today and for tomorrow.

Today’s infrastructure is influenced by various dimensions including connectivity with 5G and high-speed networks, data access capabilities with Internet of Things (IoT), professional services with cloud offering, computing capacity with high performance computing (HPC) and secured data storage among many others.

Tomorrow’s AI infrastructure will be shaped by innovation, governance and operations, and also be aligned to EU’s directions and policies on an European processor development, on data transport and sovereignty and on innovative quantum communication infrastructure for instance.

As we are shifting more and more towards a digital society, economy and ecosystems, having a robust AI backbone of infrastructure will help collect, share and analyze big data central to this transformation.

The intention of the AI4Belgium Infrastructure Working Group is clearly to expand the coalition and the community, to work on expanding our human capital and to amplify on networking, ultimately improving our nation-wide position on AI.


2pm: Introduction and AI4Belgium update (Nathanaël Ackerman, AI4Belgium, SPF BOSA)

2:10pm: Trends in Infrastructure for AI (Dominique Vanhamme, Infrastructure WG Lead)

2:40pm: Spotlight today on: Quantum Computing

2: 50 pm: Panel, interactive session, voting and Q&A

3:25 pm: Closing and next steps


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