Towards a Service Integration Portal for Deaf People

Towards a Service Integration Portal for Deaf People

C. Ponsard, C. Broekman, C. Lamy, M. Fraiture, ’Towards a Service Integration Portal for Deaf People’, in proc. International Conference on Computer Helping People (ICCHP’06), LNCS 4061, Linz (Austria), July 2006.

Date: 13 juillet 2006

Publication: Publications scientifiques 

A propos du projet: FAUST 

High speed connections have enabled video-based communication and given deaf and hard-of-hearing people the opportunity to rely on the visual modality to better communicate with each other and with hearing people. However a number of obstacles still have to be removed to make this technology really accessible for all : technical expertise for operating a computer, lack of compatibility, poorly integrated services,... This papers describes an ongoing project for providing a better accessibility by (1) supporting multiple kind of user terminals (such as PC, videophone, TV, mobile phone) in an interoperable way ; (2) with a simple and user friendly interface, (3) giving access to a number of related services such as directories, video message box, relay centre and signed news.